Meet the founder of Mialisia

Our company
Mialisia™ was created by Annelise Brown - a busy mother of four with a passion for beautiful jewelry and a desire to help women develop incredible careers. Annelise and her husband, Sean, envisioned a jewelry line that would adapt to any woman’s lifestyle, and they began to build a company that would create amazing business opportunities for people around the world. Their stylish jewelry designs and creative approach to business soon grew into a thriving company.

Our mission
At Mialisia, our mission is to help every woman discover her infinite worth. Mialisia distributors, or Designers, form a diverse, stylish, and business-savvy community of women. We strive to help women find independence in their careers, build confidence in their decisions, and find success in everything they do.

Classic, versatile jewelry for any occasion
Mialisia is revolutionizing the way women wear jewelry. With their innovative hook-shaped design, Mialisia VersaStyle™ pieces can be linked, layered, and transformed into unique and beautiful creations. We’re always thinking of exciting ways to grow our brand and introduce new jewelry to our Designers and valued customers. Personalized Lockets are new to our collection, and we are thrilled to offer amazing accessories that add another layer of customization to your favorite pieces!

Everyday jewelry for every woman
Mialisia jewelry is designed to fit your lifestyle, so there’s no wrong way to wear it! Each piece works together to form stunning, unique combinations. Whether your style is bold, sophisticated, quirky, or something in between, there’s a Mialisia piece for everyone.